Get Fresh & Confident with Crest Complete Plus Scope


How can you stay fresh and confident about your breath? With the right information and tips. Check them out below.

Tip #1: Get the Facts on Bad Breath

Be aware of what could be affecting your breath.


  • Almost half of Americans have bad breath at some point in the day — and while you might get used to the odor, others may smell you coming.
  • Food is a big culprit, getting trapped in teeth and creating the perfect environment for bacteria growth.
  • Surprisingly, sugary foods do not cause bad breath directly - they have a naturally low pH, which inhibits the growth of bacteria. But it's possible that sugary drinks may cause dryness of the mouth, which may lead to bad breath.
  • Some medications can cause bad breath by reducing salivary flow, resulting in increased bacterial growth. The most common culprits are cold and allergy medications, though some prescription drugs can also be at fault.


Tip #2: Make Fresh Breath Your Status Quo

No matter where you're going, making a good first impression is key. But it’s not just about your appearance. It’s about fresh breath and a bright smile, too. So make sure you’ve got all your bases covered with Crest and Scope.

Tip #3: Face the Day with Confidence

Start each day with minty fresh breath. Brush with a toothpaste that contains Scope such as Crest Complete Extra White Scope Dual-Blast and rinse with Scope Dual-Blast Rinse.

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